Mcfarlin LLP| Big Brothers Big Sisters

McFarlin LLP BannerMcFarlin LLP is committed to not only helping clients overcome their challenging legal situations, but committed to the community as well. The firm was honored to be able to be one of the primary sponsors of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Fundraiser. Big Brother Big Sisters is an amazing organization of highly committed individuals making a huge difference in the lives of so many children and young adults in our community. It is so hard for children to grow up without a positive role model in their lives, and BBBS fills that gap for thousands of children every year.

McFarlin LLP Big Brothers Big Sisters

McFarlin LLP’s support has led Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County to great success.

McFarlin LLP tries to help only the most worthy and committed charitable organizations and Big Brother Big Sisters is certainly among them. It takes so little time for a mentor to make a difference in a child’s life. Big Brothers Big Sisters matches mentors with children in the community who need a positive role model in their lives. Activities together are often very casual and can be as simple as getting ice cream together and just talking for a while. To coordinate these positive mentor programs, however, Big Brothers Big Sisters does need funding for organizational oversight and that’s where McFarlin LLP was able to help.

McFarlin LLP wants to make a positive impact and lasting contribution to the community we live in, and the lives of children. We are so proud to say our contribution has had a positive impact that sets kids on the right path. In 2013, McFarlin LLP helped Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County raise over $900,000 at its 49th Annual Gourmet Dinner. It was the largest and most successful fundraising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters or Orange County up to that point. They were able to reach their goal, as well as bring many new children in to start the mentor program.

McFarlin LLP cares not only about client relationships and providing a high level of service, but also about helping the community. Our caring spirit has led us to be very well respected in the community for our contributions, and also helped foster our deep and long-lasting client relationships.