Attorney, Timothy McFarlin, Gives Back to Community

Timothy McFarlin, Attorney and Managing Partner at McFarlin LLP.

Timothy McFarlin, Attorney and Managing Partner at McFarlin LLP.

Timothy McFarlin, a California attorney who works as a Managing Partner at McFarlin LLP, began his career differently than most lawyers.  Instead of immediately working at a law firm after completing law school in the early 2000’s, McFarlin started his career as a community lawyer by helping local consumers with their legal problems based on a fee that they could afford.  Thus, McFarlin built his professional foundations based on charity. McFarlin made sacrifices for his personal life and the typical lifestyle of a lawyer in order to serve the clients within his community.

However, these sacrifices proved to be extremely rewarding when he saw the reactions from his clients and the looks of relief on their faces.  These acts of charity in the law field led McFarlin to continue charity work among various foundations.  He currently serves as a board member of the Susan Scott Foundation, whose goal is to help children, families, and veterans in the state of California.  Through this foundation, McFarlin has funded many other charitable organizations that he continues to volunteer for.  One, in particular, LA BioMed, which donates all of it’s fundraising money to a Los Angeles biomedical research institute that focuses on developing new techniques for the detection of cancer and other preventions for disease and disease control.


Freedom Alliance

Freedom Alliance – “The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.”

Freedom Alliance is another charity Mr. McFarlin has found himself continually volunteering for throughout the years.  Freedom Alliance is a non-profit organization that devotes their time to helping the lives of veterans who are usually injured and need assistance and recognition in order to carry out their lives in a fulfilling and successful manner.  McFarlin honors America’s disabled veterans by donating money and volunteering at various programs Freedom Alliance sponsors in order to give back to the people who have risked their lives for our country.

Lastly, Timothy McFarlin’s law firm, McFarlin LLP, associates themselves with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County.  This notable organization focuses on making a positive impact on the lives of children of struggling families.  McFarlin LLP contributes throughout each year by donating their time and helping out with fundraisers for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of Orange County, proving themselves to be great role models that these children can look up to.

Timothy McFarlin will continue to place a significant amount of his time into these charitable organizations – because he knows that at the end of the day, working in community service will leave a positive lasting impact to the betterment of the world.